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updated 03/21/20

Since I started to show my work on social media, many people are asking me to show more of my creation process, my technique and tools I use.

On my website you can be a Patron and get a privileged access to behind the scene pictures and posts, sketches, step-by-step, studio, finished paintings and more to come such as videos of painting sessions (coming soon).

Every posts will be translated in English !

I offer a gift to the first Patrons : 2 mini tutorials and 1 vidéo.


Thank you for your support, it means a lot to me as it helps me to do what I love most : to create.

Choose your Pack:


More than 3 posts already available!


1€ / month

Thank you for starting this great adventure with me! This pledge is very precious to me and I thank you very much for your support which gives you access to these :

- Behind the scenes of the creation in preview and exclusives.
- A preview of the finished paintings

- Discuss and ask your questions to the artist.


And other surprises are still to come!



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En cours de préparation !


Soutien de:









En cours de préparation !

No engagement! You can change or delete your support at any time. You will also receive a reminder every month of your subscription.

What is Patronage on the site?

By supporting me for € 1, € 2 or € per month, you support my work as an artist and allow me to continue creating every day, which is very important to me. As you know, artists' incomes are often uncertain. Your contribution is therefore very precious to me ... and you are rewarded with rewards mentioned above!

How does it work?

You choose the amount of monthly support you want to give me and you are redirected to the payment page which allows you to pay monthly by credit card or by Paypal. The subscription for 1 month course from the day of payment until the following month (so if you subscribe on April 3, your payment will be renewed on May 3). A confirmation email will be sent to you and you can have direct access to your Patron page from your member area or from the site menu. You will receive an email every month reminding you of your subscription.

Can I change the amount of my support after having subscribed?

Of course ! You can change the amount of your support at any time. To do this, simply choose another pledge on this page, your monthly payment and access will automatically change! You will keep your previous access until the end of the current month and you can have your new access immediately. If there is an overflow you will be refunded the difference if the new subscription takes place within 25 days of your payment. Example: You subscribe on April 3 the support at 5 € / month. On April 12 you change for € 2 / month. You keep your first access until May 3 and you will be refund € 2 that same month.

Example 2: You subscribe on April 3 the support at 2 € / month. On April 12 you change for 5 € / month. You have immediate access to the content of € 5 per month and you are refund for € 2 that same month.

It may take a short time to get the refund (because I have to do it manually for now) but don't worry it will quickly appear on your bank account.


You can also remove your support in your member access or by writing directly to the contact page. And always at all times.

What if I only want to donate once?

You can choose to have access for only one month. Once your payment has been made, go to your member area and cancel your monthly payment. Don't forget to check the "I only want to give once" box to let me know that you were interested in a one-time payment.

Why on this site?

Many artists use support platforms, but it is not possible to publish in several languages and these platforms are taking increasing fees. In addition, I find it easier for people who appreciate my work to find all the content they appreciate on one and only website. That's why I chose to create this space here, which required a lot of work but I hope you will be happy with the result!